Temperature Regulators

Pilot Operated Diaphragm Type

Diaphragm Type / Large Capacity / For Heating

Compact & performance, Steady temperature regulation, High temperature endurance & durability, Wide range of temperature range of temperature regulation. Ideal companion small-capacity heat exchangers, Air-conditioners & plating equipment. Assembly of piot valve body and thermal bulb, Install the bellows follower into the bellows at bulb with its flat surface facing downward and then screw the ring to assemble.

Yoshitake Features :
  • Large capacity and accurate control
  • Valve leakage meets ANSI class IV
Other Yoshitake Series :
Size Range 1/2" - 2"
Max Temp 220 Degree(C)
Pressure Rating JIS Rc / JIS 10K / JIS 20K
Material Ductile Cast Iron
End FF Flanged / RF Flanged


Supplier Yoshitake Temperature Regulator OB-2000