Solenoid Valve

Versa NAMUR : C-316 Series

Solenoid Valve

The Versa C-316 Series stainless steel body ported valve is a high flow, 3 or 4-way valve. The sealing design utilizes Versa’s proven elastomer packed plunger producing bubble-tight performance along with long trouble-free life. High flow, 3 or 5-port, solenoid valve.

Versa C-316 Features :
  • Stainless steel body, FKM sealing
  • Pneumatic-vacuum to 150 Psi
  • Three way, four way, multipurpose
  • Selenoid pilot, remote pilot, mechanical
  • 1/4″ NPT or G
  • Body ported
Other Versa Series :
Functione Two Way, Three Way, Four Way
Temperature Range -20 - 93C
Pressure Range 25 to 150
Material Stainless Steel


NAMUR : C-316

Supplier Versa Solenoid Valve NAMUR : C-316