Solenoid Valve


Supplier Versa Solenoid Valve E5-Series

Versa E5-Series

Solenoid Valve

Series E5 compact valve are direct solenoid actuated valve. They are physically smaller than the Series E full-size valve, but offer most of the same orifice sizes and operating pressure ranges as the larger valve. Ports are 1/8 NPT in the valve body and the valve are individually mounted. Smaller option to our Series E valve with the same key flow and operating pressures but lower power requirements.

Versa E5-Series Features :
  • Stainless steel body, NBR (nitrile) seals
  • 2-Way, 2/2; 3-Way, 3/2; Diverter (7-Way), 3/2; Selector or Multipurpose (8-Way), 3/2
Other Versa Series :
Size Range NPS 2 1/2 to 24 DN 65 to 600
Standards ASME B16.34 ASME Section III
Pressure Class Range 900 to 4500 PN 110 to PN 760
Material Metal