Diaphragm Valve


Supplier ITT Dia-Flo Positioner

ITT Dia-Flo Positioner

Diaphragm Valve Positioner

For stable and accurate positioning of the actuator stem to allow for precise control of flow through the valve.

ITT Dia-Flo Features :
  • Hygienic internals
  • Proximity switches
  • Maximum strength
  • Adjustable travel stop
  • Wide variety available
  • Adjustable opening stop
  • Suitable for pneumaticz
  • Handwheel closing device
ITT Dia-Flo Series :
  • ITT Dia-Flo Conoflow Positioner
  • ITT Dia-Flo Positioner with Gauges
  • ITT Dia-Flo positioner with Fieldbus
Size Range ½"–2" (DN15-DN50)
Operating Modes Fail Close, Fail Open, Double Acting
Max Service Pressure 150 psig (10 bar)
Max Service Temperature 150°C (300°F)
Max Autoclave Temperature 90 psig (6.2 bar)

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