Grove Ball Valve


Supplier Grove Ball Valve IST

Grove Integrated Seat Technology Ball Valve

Grove Ball Valve ASME Class 1500 & 2500 ( 4″ – 12″)

Grove Ball Valve IST Critical applications require reliable, high-performing equipment to meet customer needs. Longer life span and a small, lightweight footprint are just as important to maintaining high efficiency.

Grove Ball Valve Features :
  • Patented valve design
  • Patented flow-diversion spoiler to protect primary sealing elements
Other Grove Valve Series :
  • Grove B7 Side Entry Ball Valve
  • Grove B5 Side Entry Ball Valve
Material configurations carbon steel, low-alloy steel, and corrosion-resistant alloy"
Design temperature limits –50 to 400 degF
Primary seal type metal-to-metal
Secondary seat seals elastomer or thermoplastic options available
Stem seals elastomer or thermoplastic options available