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Bohmer Injection Nozzles For Pipelines And Ball Valve

The performance of injection nozzles of conventional design decreases continuously during their utilization due to sedimentary deposits of the aggresive odorant and the additives in the gas.

Bohmer Valve Features :
  • Designed for use with sulfur containing
  • Decrease of risk–the connection prevents the direct contact with the odorant
  • Decontamination–by flushing the complete valve chain will be cleaned
  • Developed vaporizer enables a constant release of the odorant and reduces built up of residues
Bohmer Valve Series :
  • Bohmer Injection Nozzle For Pipelines
  • Bohmer Injection Nozzle For Ball valve
size 1–24" (25–600mm)
Actuator Options lever and handwheel actuators.
Capacity High maximum flow capacity
Pressure Applications Ductile Iron plug valves with 250 lb

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