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Supplier 317 Cylinder Type Control Valve

317 Special Valve Cylinder Type Control Valve

317 Cylinder Type Control Valve CV-CYD Cast Iron

317 Cylinder-Type Control valve Cast Iron Control Valve Cylinder Type Flanged End action is air to open or air to close by using direct or reverse actuator and this kind of valve have a leakage of full closure: Class VI Performance

317 Special Valve Features :
  • Direct or reverse type
  • 3-way diverting or mixing type
  • Packing: V-Teflon
317 Special Valve Series :
  • 317 Diaphragm Control Valve CV-DIA
  • 317 Y-Control Valve YAC-34S/YAC-36S
  • 317 Y-Control Valve YAC-34F/YAC-36F
  • 317 Floating Ball Valve FT-551
Size Range 3/4" - 4"
Performance Supply Air Pressure Material Bronze, Steel and custom materials
End Flanged

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