Safety Relief

317 Cast Iron Safety Relief Valve Screwed End

317 Safety Realief S3S-A

This 317 type of safety valve is characterized by regulating of pressure in valve rising and blowing-out when actuated and is the smallest and lightest valve, and also can be used in non-corrosive gases steam and liquids, such as water and oil.  The dimensions shown in the chart are subject to change without notice.

317 Valve Features :
  • Valve seat
  • Disc processed by Lapping
  • The Disc can be replaced with PETE for good effect of anti-leakage
317 Valve Series :
Size Range 25~50 mm
Working Temp 0°C~230°C
Pressure Rating 1~10 kgf/cm²g (150PSI)
Connection BSPT (BS21), NPT (ANSI B2.1)
End Screwed



Supplier 317 Safety Relief Valve S3S-A